Live Roulette Information You Need to Know Before Starting with It

Live Roulette Information

Online roulette encompasses inside, and outside bets with multiple subtypes of bets in both the divisions and the number-set written on the wheel also have specific rules.  

There’s a saying, “old is gold,” and who wants to miss a chance of gaining some of it. The proverb attains even more significance in decade-old casino games getting played by many gamblers even today. Roulette is one of them. Gamblers have enjoyed the whirling wheels and spinning ball game since 1796, but it has never seen a single day of subsidence throughout these years. However, the game has drastically changed from its rules and other aspects because of its appearance on online platforms. The good thing that happened because of this advancement is players like you are left with multiple roulette variants they can choose anytime they want. But, most of them have preferred the live casino format of roulette over all other versions. 

And, if you are one of that pack of gamblers, this page is just for you.

Betting Types of Roulette

While attending live roulette rooms of online casinos, your gameplay will be woven with two different bets. And, under those two betting types, many subtypes of bets exist.

  • Inside Bets

When the bet is placed on the numbers located inside the betting space of the table, you have placed an inside bet. Inside bets are placed within the central grid of a roulette table. Bets like Basket, Street Bet, Straight Bet, Double Street Bet, Straight Bet, Corner Bet, 6 Line, Corner Bet, and Toplines are variants of inside bets.

  • Outside Bets

When you have placed your bet on the patterns and numerical combinations located outside of the number board, it will be regarded as an outside bet in roulette. Some of the most played outside bets are High/Low, Odd/Even, Red/Black, Dozen, 19-36, and more. All these bets can be applied on any live roulette table adhering to standard rules.

In the reputed online gambling sites, outside bets are generally tangled with greater odds than inside bets. Hence, you are willing to bag up more significant winnings, chose to roll with outside roulette bets. And, even if you are eager to have a large-sized inside bet, wager on various small-sized outside bets to cover up any loss if it happens.

How does a Roulette Wheel look?

If you are a novice in roulette, you should know that two roulette variants mostly get played on online platforms – the European and American style roulette. There are boxes for 1 to 36 numbers in the European roulette wheel with an additional box for a single 0. Numbers from the range of 1 to 10 and 19 to 28 are respectively placed on red and black colored boxes based on even and odd numbers. The range of 11 to 18 and 29 to 36, even colored with red and odd numbers, is in black boxes, but the box containing 0 is green in color.

The American roulette wheel also follows the number format of the European wheel, but the only difference is there’s an extra green-colored box containing 00. While the single zero envelops the house edge of 2.70%, the double zero wheels somehow lose their sparkle with a 5.26% house edge.

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