Gambling is good or bad

Gambling is one such a word that is very hard to decide where it is good or bad. Many people say in favor of it and many others also oppose the practicing of it. Here we are going to give you two main pros and cons of gambling. After reading, you would better decide whether it is good or bad.


Quick money

Who in this world does not want to be rich, and that is too very fast. We all agree that gambling might be the reason to fulfill people this desire. No job or business may provide you so the rapid growth of money as fast the gambling. This is the main reason people go after this even they are restricted and advised a lot for not doing it. But one more thing we will have to take care of it that if one loses then other wins so the position of one and others may change any time if you do not take proper care

Not much labor

Have you ever seen any job or business where no physical or mental work you will have to do for getting good money? I don’t think you will say yes. Even the shortest job and businesses need a little amount of work at least. In gambling, it is not always the case. The other best part of gambling seems to be not much requirement of employment or skills. It can be played by any individual who has good knowledge of the particular type of game that he is going to play for gambling.


No certainty of getting money

As we discussed above, gambling is a good source of making money; it is not always the case; you will win and get cash. In most of the time, people lose cash here in gambling than winning. If you are a beginner here and don’t know many practices and tricks about it, anyone can earn you. And even if you are well experienced in it; no one can predict you will win the gamble and get cash.


Though gambling is considered a good source of getting money. Most of the people in the world do not believe it reasonable. People think it the practice of people who are immoral and follow bad rules to get money anyhow. That is the reason most of the world still has banned it within the country.

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