Gambling History of Nevada

Gambling has become a common part of almost all countries. The gambling arenas which are known as the casino are somewhere legal and somewhere illegal. The legalization part depends upon the government itself. Nevada belongs to the first category which means casinos are legal. But we have to know about the path or past of this journey of being legalized.

Step Taken

Nevada is the first where at least a gaming center had announced as a legal activity. The first gaming center of Nevada is popular as Reno. People, especially young ages love to play video games in the gaming center. One famous businessman, Bill Harrah took advantage of this opportunity. He started his first bingo gambling gaming center. After this step, Reno ran almost 12 years. In the year 1947, it stopped. But this step was the starting point and influenced other countries to dive in.

People of Nevada has selected a city as their gambling hot spot place. Later the city was named Last Vegas. At present, the first-word strike to every person who hears the name Las Vegas is Casino. During the year of 1948, a lot of workers were working on a dam project, named Hoover Dam Project. In their free time, the workers started to come here and played games to seek the comfort of their life after hard works. This was the second step of the improvement of Las Vegas. Later, for some new activities and new projects, the workers of Hoover Dam Project had worked for building up the casinos in Las Vegas.


The neon light and high rolling of the casinos in Las Vegas are very famous and attractive among the foreigners still now. After world war 2 when the countries were in a stable position, then Las Vegas has opened their door for all. And as a result, they are getting benefited. But as some side effects, money laundering and corruption have enrolled their names here too. This is the reason behind the starting of Strip from 1950 to 1960.

We all know, from 1931, the gaming was legalized in Nevada. But before this time especially, the time from 1910 to 1931, gambling was considered a serious crime. But the government had realized the necessity of gambling to improve the economical health of the country. World war also going on at that time. So to get huge money they had to announce gambling as legal. By taking the same path and same excuse, so many countries have legalized gambling.

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